Pierre Alechinsky (*1927) – Anthropie (1994)

Beautiful etching by one of the grand seigneurs of the art world.

The print is an artist proof (size~80x60cm), signed, numbered XXV/ XXV e.a, titled and dated in pencil by the artist. It was acquired on January 17, 1995 at Galerie Lelong in Paris, France and is in very good condition.


Rolf Goellnitz

DISCOVER NOW – Hideki Iinuma, Edouard De’ Pazzi, Jolande de Bouvrie, Raoul Hausmann

Hideki Iinuma and a selection of photographs by Edouard de’Pazzi, Raoul Hausmann and Jolande De Bouvrie

Wolfgang Herbold_again Untitled

Please check out the latest Ink Drawings on Paper by Wolfgang Herbold (Germany)

Thank You for your interest.

Rolf Goellnitz

The Blue Truck – Purvis Young

Purvis Young has been recognized as one of the masters of this
broadly defined nonacademic genre of ‘outsider art’. His work possesses a
singularly raw form of aesthetic power and through the decades he has
developed an astounding  oeuvre, out of which the owner was able to acquire a
range of true highlights, in early 1997, while he visited Miami.

The above painting features one of Purvis Young’s favorite subjects: Trucks

In a very expressive fashion he paints this blue truck, as if it is not a solid mass of metal, but rather a breathing life mass rolling into an either urban environment still under construction or a cemetery of destroyed high rises in a dystopian world. We guess it’s up to the viewer to decide.

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Size: Including frame 20×26 in

Price: Has been sold on April 22, 2023

Interested? Please contact: mail@omc-llc.com

Felix de Quesada at The OMC Gallery

Born in Cuba, Felix De Quesada grew up between the Cuban countryside and the city of Camaguey. In 1964, he migrated to the United States. Having never attended art classes, he taught himself to paint. In 2004, after years of painting on his own, he joined Rassouli’s “Painting With Spirit” classes at the Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California. He changed from Oil to Acrylic, a medium he has continued to use ever since. In his opinion, a painting is a physical object in the universe, more narrowly in our world, and as such it is subject to all the principles of physics applicable to objects on Earth. Check here  his latest series of “paintings, made to represent space and the space through which light moves”.

Thank you for your interest.

Rolf Goellnitz

artprice _Contemporary Art_market report

©Scott Valenzuela – Victory of Sisyphos, 2012 – Oil pastels on paper

Check out the latest news about trends and developments in the contemporary art market in a report by artprice.com

Best regards,

Rolf Goellnitz

The OMC Gallery Artprice Store – Now Online

The OMC Gallery has established an additional feature for your convenience and cooperates with artprice.com to share its artist portfolio and communicate artwork offers to the international art community. New work will be offered on a weekly base. Find new and upcoming artists as well as established names.

So check and share, please!

Rolf Goellnitz


©Alaina Tinnirello – Nausea

Check out our latest addition to our gallery website menu titled ‘new talent’.  You will discover there on a regular base our latest findings if it is about new and upcoming talent in the art market. Alaina Tinnirello, currently studying at California State University Long Beach is our first pick. Enjoy!


A New Chance Arising

Look at 2016 as a ‘New Chance’ for your ideas, dreams, wishes, projects, visions, how to live a fulfilled life.

Wishing all of you only the best,


Rolf Goellnitz

New York – the Mecca of Contemporary Art

©Michael Burges – Reverse Glass Painting – No. 02 – 2014

I like to share this excerpt from the latest artprice.com annual report

New York – the Mecca of Contemporary Art

The United States has recovered its leader position on the global Contemporary art market, resuscitating
the fierce competition with China. In total the United States generated $650 million from Contemporary art, nearly $90 million more than China. This strong performance was essentially driven by New York, the global capital of the art market. New York is home to the biggest art collectors, the most powerful galleries and the most prestigious museums. It also has the strongest networks, allowing the fastest emergence of young artists in the world. In fact, almost the entire value of the United States’ Contemporary art auction turnover is generated in New York ($631 million in 2014/20151, i.e. 97% of the US Contemporary art market). The city is today the unchallenged epicenter of the ultra-high end of the art market. With just 6% of the global number of lots sold, New York generates 36% of the global turnover2. In fact, New York is ideally placed to benefit from the current boom in the art market, which is being driven by a minority of ultra-rich individuals and institutions with investment budgets in the millions of dollars. Christie’s and Sotheby’s generate their best turnover figures in New York and hammer their best results in the Big Apple. Nine of the top ten best results during the 2014/2015 period were hammered in New York, and one in London. The intense media focus on the ultra-high end of the art market tends to overshadow the fact that more than half the artworks sold in the city sell for under $5,000. So New York’s art offer is not exclusively reserved for a wealthy elite and it remains accessible for all kinds of non-professional art aficionados.



Check out the oeuvre of young ‘local hero’ artist ‘Scott Valenzuela’ and support his emerging talent by acquiring some originals or signed limited edition prints at The OMC Gallery. Great occasion to spoil a loved one, a friend or simply yourself with a piece of art.

ART – Made in Germany

Check out the intriguing work of Michael Burges and Wolfgang Herbold. And just in case you get inspired to purchase some of their artwork, we love to be of assistance!

Best regards,

Rolf Goellnitz

Most Art Is Affordable!

Anybody, who reads about those Multimillion Dollar deals, realized mainly at auctions, held by Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips, must get the impression that any art of any artist by most means is not affordable. Fact is the opposite and I like to quote in this context from the latest Contemporary Art Market Report published by Artprice.com (CEO Thierry Ehrmann):

…”Art is not exclusively reserved for well-advised investors or wealthy initiates. The lion’s share of the market remains within reach of those with small or moderate budgets. Each year, between 100,000 and 200,000 works of art produced by clearly identified artists (irrespective of creation period) are sold at auction for less than €10,000 throughout the world, and around 80% of lots can be acquired for under €5,000. There is thus a huge choice, and it is possible to make significant acquisitions without spending a fortune. The spectacular results we see in the media concern a minute proportion in an overall market that is only unaffordable by reputation. In the contemporary field, results higher than €50,000 involve 6% of the lots sold, and hammer prices of several millions only 0.3%. Art is not unaffordable: the largest range in the offer – 66% of contemporary works – consists of pieces that can be bought for less than €5,000″…

Have a pleasant weekend,

Rolf Goellnitz

Vintage on Display

Wake UP America! Photograph by ACME NEWS PICTURES Inc. Feb 15, 1937. Quote on verso: “The picture shows McClelland Barclay, a noted illustrator, working on a poster with Virginia Moore as model. Barcley liked to work with Miss Moore so much that he decided to make it a permanent combination, and they will be married soon. It is his third matrimonial venture and his wifie’s first. ” The photograph is included in an exhibition at THE OMC GALLERY, where since June 14  a selection of about 200 B/W Vintage Photographs, featuring the period between the 1920s to the 1970s, is on display. The photographs, which were taken by famous, lesser known and anonymous artists, cover a variety of subjects: Fashion, Hollywood, still life, Burlesque, cars, interior design, documentary, nudes, advertising, portrait, architecture, Pictorialism, landscape, movies. Exhibition will be over July 30, 2014. Age Suitability: 18 (ID Required)

Jacqueline Kennedy in Greece - Hellas Press Photo, Courtesy of The OMC Gallery

Jacqueline Kennedy in Greece – Hellas Press Photo, Courtesy of The OMC Gallery

Anonymous - Advertising Image for Goodrich Tires - Courtesy of The OMC Gallery

Anonymous – Advertising Image for Goodrich Tires – Courtesy of The OMC Gallery

Maurice Seymour, Chicago - 1940s - Diane van Dyne, Burlesque Dancer

Maurice Seymour, Chicago – 1940s – Diane van Dyne, Burlesque Dancer

I read the news today – oh Boy!!!

The artnet news in fact – How shocking this was to me, when none of the artists, who I represent, made it in the list of the TOP 100 Living Artists.

And than I thought – well monetary value is not everything, maybe some of them are at least to be found in the Top 100 of most exhibited artists in the world, I mean, seriously…

Again – nothing!

Shortly before my eyes filled with tears, I’m not sure if due to the facts or the fine print  – I found comfort.

Abigail R. Esman handed it to me in her article for http://blogs.artinfo.com/culturalaffairs/

Quote: “… But most of all, I’d like to see the abandonment of all such lists completely.  I can’t help but think of the research a couple of years ago which revealed that most people spend seven to nine seconds looking at a work of art. That’s nowhere near as long as we spend reading lists of who sold where for what. So although it may sound archaic, maybe even a little trite, here’s a simple thought I’m just going to put out there: how’s about we stop looking so much at the numbers, and look just a little bit more deeply at the art?”

So!? What Do You Think?

Let me know!


Since more than 35 years these three Artists have inspired me and still do. They are the living proof of what can be achieved, if you’re passionate, dedicated, stubborn and naturally talented. Check out these links and get inspired, too. http://www.robertwilson.com/ –  http://www.twylatharp.org/  – http://davidbyrne.com/

“It Took a While to Find These Things” Part Two

Between February 22 and May 24, 2014 the OMC Gallery, 7561 Center Ave #32 will be presenting

A Selection of Objects and Sculptures by

Amador (Spain)
Willie Bester (South Africa)
Ivo Dekovic (Croatia)
Hideki Iinuma (Japan)
Shany van den Berg (South Africa)
Takakazu Takeuchi (Japan)
Purvis Young (USA)
Anonymous Artists from South Africa, Central Africa, Mali, New Guinea and India

The exhibition presents objects and sculptures, which either were made with the intention to be considered a piece of art and / or to deliver a very, by the individual artist, driven perspective of the subject matter. Others have been created by their authors as ‘tools’ to be used in ceremonies and rituals and therefore were designed with the intention to provide a common, generally understandable (at least within the tribe) visualization of natural existing and /or imaginary phenomena.

Examples of objects in the exhibition:

Anonymous Artist, (West Africa)                                                                          Tribal Nwantantay Plank Mask, Decor Burkina Faso

Anonymous Artist, (West Africa) Tribal Nwantantay Plank Mask, Decor Burkina Faso

Anonymous Artist (Ivory Coast/ West Africa)) Baule Tribe - Black/White/Red Moon

Anonymous Artist (Ivory Coast/ West Africa))
Baule Tribe – Black/White/Red Moon

Takakazu Takeuchi - Sleeping Heads

Takakazu Takeuchi – Sleeping Heads

Anonymous - Storyboard-South Africa

Anonymous – Storyboard – South Africa

Shany van den Berg (SA) - Examinations  (2000)

Shany van den Berg (SA) – Examinations (2000)

HIDEKI, Iinuma (Japan) L’Endre (2002) Wood Sculpture

HIDEKI, Iinuma (Japan)
L’Endre (2002)
Wood Sculpture

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