Onion by Josef Sudek

Artist Josef Sudek (1896 – 1976) Czech ‘Onion‘ Vintage Silver Gelatin Contact Print 1950-19543,5×4.7 in, on 6.6×8.8 inSigned Sudek in pencil in the marginAt lower rightThe verso inscribed with Angela VI with a pencil.Mounted in a mat.Some light oxidation along the edges outside the imageThe lower left marginal corner slightly bent, with a tiny fold inthe margin at upper right. Print is sold from…

Ella Fitzgerald by Herman Leonard

Herman Leonard: Ella Fitzgerald performing to an audience including,  Duke Ellington,  Benny Goodman,  Stan Hasselgard,  Jack Robbins, New York City 1949. This Silver Gelatin Print print (20×24″) on paper is signed, titled and numbered 15/50 byHerman Leonard himself in the white space beneath the image and has beenacquired by the current private owner in the mid 90-s. It’s an iconic moment in Jazz History and visualizes the star…

Pierre Alechinsky

Check out our current offer at The OMC Gallery: Résumé, a portfolio of 43 Lithographs in vibrant colors, plus Title sheet and Authenticity sheet, signed and numbered by Pierre Alechinsky. Thank you for your interest. Rolf Goellnitz

Digital Art

“Everything is in a state of flux, caught in processes of metamorphosis. The malleability of the reality stored in the image is celebrated sensuously and the transformation of all visible phenomena is declared to be the sole constant.” Sabine Fabo_2001 Check out Wolfgang Herbold’s Digital Art at The OMC Gallery.

Black and White

Please check out our latest selection of photographs by Edouard de’ Pazzi (France), Raoul Hausmann ( Austria), Jolande des Bouvrie (Netherlands) Thank you for your interest!

Graciela Iturbide – Bateke

1996 Vintage Photographs by Graciela Iturbide (4 signed silver gelatin prints) Poems in French by Aimé Césaire and Alvaro Mutis, unpublished Spanish translation by Alvaro Mutis Graphic design by Andres Mengs Tray case made of natural linen 15 x 12 x 0.8 inches, An edition of 40 copies. This offer is Ed. # 24/40 It was the idea of the Colombian writer Alvaro Mutis…

CHI Kuo-Chang and Nick Dekker

Please check out our latest selection of photographs by Chi Kuo-Chang (Taiwan) and Nick Dekker (USA). If you’re interested in acquiring their work, please contact mail@omc-llc.com or call Rolf +1 (714) 421-0476 with your questions and requests. Thank You!

Coping with Stress during COVID-19

Dear All, some recommendations concerning your stress management during these challenging times and a link to many more tips , offered by the World Health Organization, what to consider and to know, while Covid-19 dominates our daily life. Kind regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Pavel Odvody – New Photographs

Above: Pavel Odvody – Alphabet, Inkjet on Paper, 80x60cm Dear All, please check out now the latest examples of experimental photography by Pavel Odvody.  Interested in buying? Please contact us for prices at mail@omc-llc.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Felix De Quesada – 4 New Paintings

Check out the new artwork by Felix De Quesada at The OMC Gallery. For price information and/ or private viewing contact mail@omc-llc.com for an appointment. Thank you, Rolf Goellnitz  

Good-bye United Kingdom

In the late 1950s the Conservative government of Harold Macmillan dramatically changed its attitude and appointed Edward Heath to submit an application and lead negotiations for Britain to enter the Common Market. Britain joined the Organization for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC) in 1961 and worked towards the reduction of trade restrictions between members. Britain was suspicious of the French Schumann plan to establish a…

Mappenwerk / Portfolio – Erinnern / Remembering 1945 – 1995

A great collection of  prints by renowned artists, published by Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, 1995. All prints are signed and numbered 4/35. Available at The OMC Gallery. Find here all relevant information. Interested in buying? Please contact: mail@omc-llc.com Thank you, Rolf Goellnitz  

Felix de Quesada – Three New Paintings

If you love paintings, which create space, you can dive in and get lost, paintings, which leave you room for imagination and meditation, paintings that explore the phenomena of light… then check out the work of Felix de Quesada, whose latest results are now available at The OMC Gallery. Thank You, Rolf Goellnitz

Felix De Quesada – New Paintings

Check out new paintings by Felix De Quesada, available now at The OMC Gallery. By appointment only! Please contact mail@omc-llc.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Quite an Eye Opener

Last weekend I saw this exhibition at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles and I can highly recommend a visit: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power shines a bright light on the vital contribution of Black artists made over two revolutionary decades in American history, beginning in 1963 at the height of the civil rights movement. The exhibition examines the…

Felix De Quesada – New Paintings

Check out new paintings by Felix De Quesada, available now at The OMC Gallery. By appointment only! Please contact mail@omc-llc.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Kris Scholz – Marks and Traces

Kris Scholz – #37,  Rabat 1989 From ‘Marks and Traces’ Series Photography – Size 63×47″ Price on request to mail@omc-llc.com

Michael Burges

“His pictures originate in a structural and systematic exploration of methods of abstract painting. He succeeds in facilitating the interaction of colour, space and energy in a wide range of completely different types of pictures such as the “Interference Paintings”, the “Refraction Paintings” ,the “Wave Paintings” or the “Hybrid Paintings”.  Ute Riese   Michael Burges, “Hybrid Painting, 1997 Oil on wood 51.18 x 39.37…


Porcelain Sculpture by Japanese Artist Takakazu Takeuchi. For details and price please contact mail@omc-llc.com Thank you for your interest!

Felix de Quesada at The OMC Gallery

Born in Cuba, Felix De Quesada grew up between the Cuban countryside and the city of Camaguey. In 1964, he migrated to the United States. Having never attended art classes, he taught himself to paint. In 2004, after years of painting on his own, he joined Rassouli’s “Painting With Spirit” classes at the Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California. He changed from…

New Images by Florian Beckers

Please check out the intriguing new work by contemporary photo artist Florian Beckers, Dusseldorf, Germany! Each image now available in a limited edition of 10 prints, only. For more details contact us at mail@omc-llc.com

Fran Bitett Beck _ Chou Chou with Family, 1992

From the series “Relationships” . See also: A New Life : stories and photographs from the suburban South /​ Alex Harris, editor ; Alice Rose George, co-editor for photography ; afterword by Allan Gurganus. Hardcover – October 17, 1996 C-Print 1992, signed , titled, dated on verso (see below) – Image / Print Size: 8×12″ on 11×14″           Fran Bitett Beck,…

Blue Heart – William K. Greiner

The image belongs to a series of photographs taken on south Louisiana graveyards by American photographer William K. Greiner *1957 and is published in the book “The Reposed” by Louisiana State Univ Pr; First Edition  (October 1, 1999). Rolf Goellnitz   Print is available for sale. Print size ~40x50cm (16×20″) Identification on the back side:

Street Art’s steadily growing appreciation

Detail of mural by Dragon 76 in Long Beach, California – Photo ©2016 Rolf Goellnitz The days, where street art was a niche discipline are definitely over… the changing demographics of art buyers has an impact, which also produces impressive monetary results, whether you like it or not! Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

artprice _Contemporary Art_market report

©Scott Valenzuela – Victory of Sisyphos, 2012 – Oil pastels on paper Check out the latest news about trends and developments in the contemporary art market in a report by artprice.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

The OMC Gallery Artprice Store – Now Online

The OMC Gallery has established an additional feature for your convenience and cooperates with artprice.com to share its artist portfolio and communicate artwork offers to the international art community. New work will be offered on a weekly base. Find new and upcoming artists as well as established names. So check and share, please! Rolf Goellnitz


©Alaina Tinnirello – Nausea Check out our latest addition to our gallery website menu titled ‘new talent’.  You will discover there on a regular base our latest findings if it is about new and upcoming talent in the art market. Alaina Tinnirello, currently studying at California State University Long Beach is our first pick. Enjoy!  


Vintage and More. International Modern Classic and Contemporary Photographs at The OMC Gallery. Check out this link and find out about a fine selection of Vintage and contemporary B/W photographs from private collections. Currently available exclusively at The OMC Gallery. Like to know specifics or a price of a print, just send us an email to mail@omc-llc.com Thank you for your interest. The OMC…

What is Art About

“Art is not about skill”  if you ask conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner, who played a key role in the early days of the movement in the 1960-s. Interviewed by Benjamin Buchloh for Phaidon‘s Lawrence Weiner monograph, he reveals his point of view(s). An excerpt of the interview I found on the artspace.com website. Hope you enjoy, as I did. Rolf Goellnitz

The Beat Generation is moving to the ZKM

”  The ZKM | Karlsruhe will be the second stage of the Beat Generation exhibition (Nov 26 – Apr 30, 2017) after the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In the last few years, the ZKM has dedicated a number of major exhibitions to the leading figures of the Beat Generation, such as William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg (above right with Peter Orlovsky, Paris, Saint…

Centre Pompidou – Celebrating the Beats

Harold Chapman, Self-Portrait in room of the Beat Hotel, Paris, late 1950s (courtesy of The OMC Gallery) Check out what James Campbell has to say in The Guardian, about a new exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and a pivotal moment in cultural history: The time when  in the late 50s the Beat movement reached its high point, with Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs,…

art value – art price

Just want to share the latest about some art market facts published recently by artprice.com Enjoy! Best, Rolf Goellnitz

Long Beach – POW WOW 2016

Get out and inspired at the current Street Art Festival , POW WOW 2016 , in Long Beach. Find below some visuals, which give you an idea, what you can expect.

Pavel Odvody – It’s only the shade that describes the light.

New work by Pavel Odvody  at “The OMC Gallery”. Check this link  

James Nachtwey – conflict and humanitarian photographer

Great man gets Spain’s prestigious Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities. Read more under this link. In 2003 RoxAnn and I were the first to present his work in Germany, while ‘The OMC Gallery’ was still located in Duesseldorf. Wonderful memories!

Claus Steffen Braun – The Cape Town Series

The OMC Gallery presents April 11 – May 1, 2016 Artwork by Claus-Steffen Braun. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Braun is living and working in Cape Town since March 2013. After a very successful career as Creative Director in the advertising business, and decorated with many international awards, he changed his path and is working now as a full-time visual artist. Braun uses his craftsmanship…

My Best Shot – Harold Chapman

Interviewed by “The Guardian” Harold Chapman had this to say about one of his most famous photographs.  

A New Chance Arising

Look at 2016 as a ‘New Chance’ for your ideas, dreams, wishes, projects, visions, how to live a fulfilled life. Wishing all of you only the best,   Rolf Goellnitz

New York – the Mecca of Contemporary Art

©Michael Burges – Reverse Glass Painting – No. 02 – 2014 I like to share this excerpt from the latest artprice.com annual report New York – the Mecca of Contemporary Art The United States has recovered its leader position on the global Contemporary art market, resuscitating the fierce competition with China. In total the United States generated $650 million from Contemporary art, nearly $90…

Reality Bit(e)s x 5

An Exhibition by Five Californian Artists In a society where the media is filled with news about mesmerizing amounts of money spent on ‘blue chip” artwork, like e.g. the latest Modigliani Coup (Reclining Nude for $175,000 000) we believe it’s important to nourish the base out of which only a few will eventually make it to the very top and yet the less known…

Art and Photo Book Sale

Thursday, Nov 5 to Thursday, Nov 12,  2-5PM  ( closed on Sunday),The OMC Gallery exhibits and offers an exiting range of Art and Photography Books from The OMC Gallery Archive. If you love books, collect books, are an art student or art collector, this is your chance to find something inspiring , interesting and educating at very attractive prices. Starting  already at only $5!…

Affordable Art – Vintage Lithographs by Modern Classic Masters

Visit us Sunday, August 23 , 10am – 4:00pm, for a unique Sale of Vintage Lithographs from the 20th Century.

Masters of the 20th Century

The OMC Gallery will be presenting only SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 10 – 4PM, during the Art & Flea Market at OLD WORLD VILLAGE a Selection of Original Lithographs by Top Artists of the XX. Century, including (among others): Rene Magritte, James Rosenquist (see above), Enrico BAJ, Serge Poliakoff, Man Ray, Wifredo Lam, Salvador Dali, Charles Lapicque, Marc Chagall, Pierre Soulages, Marino Marini, Miro All…

Robert Stivers and Ernst Wille – New Exhibition

View into the exhibition at The OMC Gallery: Ernst Wille’s approach to and work with color has been very fundamental and was documented in the 2 Volume Publication “Farben-Phänomene” (Color – Phenomena) in 1994. One of the major challenges for an artist he defined as:…to use colors in a way to create light, without painting light…   In his series presented at The OMC…

OX and other Essential Signs

JUL 8 – AUG 30, 2015 Abstract Photography and Painting by ROBERT STIVERS (USA) and ERNST WILLE (GER) Reception July 10,  6-9 PM Robert Stivers (1952) studied at the University of California, Irvine (1975), earned his MA at New York University (1980), and has exhibited internationally since the early 1990s. His work is in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, France), The Getty…


Join us for the opening of our next exhibition and meet Pau Quintanajornet during the reception on THURSDAY, MAY 7 from 7-10 PM. Live Music by NISSEFØRT  and Beverages. Print out this page for access! Pau doesn‘t paint pictures. Pau creates worlds – open invitations to a journey into the beauty of Latin American influences and into the spheres of an artist, who with…


The Chilean _German artist Pau Quintanajornet will be visiting the USA and present her latest body of work at The OMC Gallery. It’s the first exhibition of Pau in the States. We will open the exhibition with a reception for the artist on May 7 at 7PM. German based musician “Nissefort” will produce the acoustic delight for the evening and play live at OMC….


When WW II ended 70 years ago, many dark “secrets’ surfaced and were eventually forgotten again. In his new project “The Box”, Austrian Designer and Photographer Gregor Sailer approaches one of them and shares the result in a remarkable documentary: TheBoxProject_GregorSailer_en