Current Offers

Hideki Iinuma (*1975) consistently works on the theme of modern women living in today’s society. Iinuma’s sculptures are carved out of a mass of wood and then painted and emerge as a reflection of a contemporary approach toward the subject.

The sculpture “L’endre” is a gem, which belongs to the body of work, which put him onto the map of the art world in 2002 and has been acquired in 2002 at an art fair in Cologne, Germany.

Please also check out Ink Drawings on Paper and / or Digital Art by Wolfgang Herbold (Germany)

and a selection of photographs of Edouard de’Pazzi, Raoul Hausmann and Jolande De Bouvrie

Click here and discover the beautiful work of

by Chi Kuo-Chang (Taiwan) and Nick Dekker (USA).

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