Purvis Young – The Blue Truck – On Auction

Purvis Young (1943 – 2010) has been recognized as one of the masters of thisbroadly defined nonacademic genre of ‘outsider art’. His work possesses asingularly raw form of aesthetic power and through the decades he hasdeveloped an astounding  oeuvre, out of which we were able to acquire arange of true highlights, in early 1999, while we visited Miami. The above painting features one of…


Purvis Young has been recognized as one of the masters of this broadly defined nonacademic genre of ‘outsider art’. His work possesses a singularly raw form of aesthetic power and through the decades he has developed an astounding  oeuvre, out of which we were able to acquire a range of true highlights, in the late 90-s, while we visited Miami. One of them is…

JEnny Holzer – From Survival Series

“Survival” Pencils, 1991 ( Art Multiple) 12 Pencils Issued in a titled cardboard box, which contains a pleated cardboard insert that holds two examples of each of six phrases from Holzer’s “Survival Series” – “What Urge Will Save Us Now That Sex Won’t?”, “You Are Trapped On The Earth So You Will Explode”, “Men Don’t Protect You Anymore”, “Protect Me From What I Want”,…

Pierre Soulages _ Lithography

Pierre Soulages (1919 – 2022) ‘Untitled‘ Original Lithography From XXe Siecle, Volume 34, 1970 Published by G. di San Lazzaro, Paris Printed by Mourlot, Paris Unsigned Edition of about 3000 (There is also a signed edition of 75) Size: 31 by 23,8cm ( 12 1/4 by 9 3/8″) Verso: Printed information about the work ( see image below) Condition: Good to Very Good (some…

Rene Magritte – Les Bijoux Indiscrets

Original lithograph in colors, 1963, with the title and signature in the stone. One of about 2000 prints (aside from the hand signed and numbered edition of 95 including proofs), printed by Mourlot, Paris and published by XXe Siecle, Paris. – 25th Year – Number 22 – Christmas 1963 (Under the direction of G. di San Lazzaro) Unframed. Size: Sheet: 12 3/8 by 9…

Obituary – Harold Chapman, Photographer

With sadness The OMC Gallery shares the news, that English photographer Harold Chapman has died on August 19, at the age of 95. Since 1999 we cooperated with Harold, became friends and presented his magnificent oeuvre at international art fairs and at our Gallery in Duesseldorf (Germany), later also in Huntington Beach, California and up to this day on our gallery website. Harold Chapman…

Wolfgang Herbold – Neue Arbeiten – New artwork

Check out examples of Wolfgang Herbold’s latest work series, presented in the “Kleine Galerie of BBK Aachen , Adalbertsteinweg 123 cd, 52070 AACHEN: The Knowledge Of The Object Is Infinite. Thank you for your interest! Rolf Goellnitz

Model with Tattoo 1920-s, yet Not a Man Ray

While recently an iconic Man Ray print ( Le Violon d’Ingres) sold for $12.4 million at Christie’s, nearly tripling the record for the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction, our vintage print from an anonymous photographer, produced for Underwood& Underwood in the same time period, is available at an easier affordable price. The tattoos on the back of the model showing a mouse,…

Pierre Alechinsky (*1927) – Anthropie (1994)

Beautiful etching by one of the grand seigneurs of the art world. The print is an artist proof (size~80x60cm), signed, numbered XXV/ XXV e.a, titled and dated in pencil by the artist. It was acquired on January 17, 1995 at Galerie Lelong in Paris, France and is in very good condition. SOLD Rolf Goellnitz

DISCOVER NOW – Hideki Iinuma, Edouard De’ Pazzi, Jolande de Bouvrie, Raoul Hausmann

Hideki Iinuma and a selection of photographs by Edouard de’Pazzi, Raoul Hausmann and Jolande De Bouvrie

Antoni Tapies _ Panier et Signes Noirs

Original Lithography 1980 , ED 63/75, size 66x81cm, Excellent Condition. Signed and numbered by the artist, published 1991 in Catalog by Edition Maeght, Paris ‘Tapies – Graphic Oeuvre’ , page 109. Price $4,100 (plus applicable taxes, shipping and insurance costs)

Wolfgang Herbold_again Untitled

Please check out the latest Ink Drawings on Paper by Wolfgang Herbold (Germany) Thank You for your interest. Rolf Goellnitz

The Blue Truck – Purvis Young

Purvis Young has been recognized as one of the masters of thisbroadly defined nonacademic genre of ‘outsider art’. His work possesses asingularly raw form of aesthetic power and through the decades he hasdeveloped an astounding  oeuvre, out of which the owner was able to acquire arange of true highlights, in early 1997, while he visited Miami. The above painting features one of Purvis Young’s…

PAVEL ODVODY – Photography

Mesmerized Movement: The Subtle Handling of Light in Pavel Odvody’s Work This recently published book documents the black and white photography by Pavel Odvody (*1953) which fuses sensibility, memory and fantasy in an original manner. His exploration of the psyche, beyond the body, is what gets under the observer’s skin. Moments of nakedness, staged in magical double exposures, wraithlike patterns or silhouettes of light,…

Onion by Josef Sudek

Artist Josef Sudek (1896 – 1976) Czech ‘Onion‘ Vintage Silver Gelatin Contact Print 1950-19543,5×4.7 in, on 6.6×8.8 inSigned Sudek in pencil in the marginAt lower rightThe verso inscribed with Angela VI with a pencil.Mounted in a mat.Some light oxidation along the edges outside the imageThe lower left marginal corner slightly bent, with a tiny fold inthe margin at upper right. Print is sold from…

Ella Fitzgerald by Herman Leonard

Herman Leonard: Ella Fitzgerald performing to an audience including,  Duke Ellington,  Benny Goodman,  Stan Hasselgard,  Jack Robbins, New York City 1949. This Silver Gelatin Print print (20×24″) on paper is signed, titled and numbered 15/50 byHerman Leonard himself in the white space beneath the image and has beenacquired by the current private owner in the mid 90-s. It’s an iconic moment in Jazz History and visualizes the star…

Pierre Alechinsky

Image shows: Résumé, a portfolio of 43 Lithographs in vibrant colors, plus Title sheet and Authenticity sheet, signed and numbered by Pierre Alechinsky. Sold recently to an Italian gallery. Rolf Goellnitz

Digital Art

“Everything is in a state of flux, caught in processes of metamorphosis. The malleability of the reality stored in the image is celebrated sensuously and the transformation of all visible phenomena is declared to be the sole constant.” Sabine Fabo_2001 Check out Wolfgang Herbold’s Digital Art at The OMC Gallery.

Black and White

Please check out our latest selection of photographs by Edouard de’ Pazzi (France), Raoul Hausmann ( Austria), Jolande des Bouvrie (Netherlands) Thank you for your interest!

Graciela Iturbide – Bateke

1996 Vintage Photographs by Graciela Iturbide (4 signed silver gelatin prints) Poems in French by Aimé Césaire and Alvaro Mutis, unpublished Spanish translation by Alvaro Mutis Graphic design by Andres Mengs Tray case made of natural linen 15 x 12 x 0.8 inches, An edition of 40 copies. This offer is Ed. # 24/40 It was the idea of the Colombian writer Alvaro Mutis…

CHI Kuo-Chang and Nick Dekker

Please check out our latest selection of photographs by Chi Kuo-Chang (Taiwan) and Nick Dekker (USA). If you’re interested in acquiring their work, please contact mail@omc-llc.com or call Rolf +1 (714) 421-0476 with your questions and requests. Thank You!

Coping with Stress during COVID-19

Dear All, some recommendations concerning your stress management during these challenging times and a link to many more tips , offered by the World Health Organization, what to consider and to know, while Covid-19 dominates our daily life. Kind regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Pavel Odvody – New Photographs

Above: Pavel Odvody – Alphabet, Inkjet on Paper, 80x60cm Dear All, please check out now the latest examples of experimental photography by Pavel Odvody.  Interested in buying? Please contact us for prices at mail@omc-llc.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Felix De Quesada – 4 New Paintings

Check out the new artwork by Felix De Quesada at The OMC Gallery. For price information and/ or private viewing contact mail@omc-llc.com for an appointment. Thank you, Rolf Goellnitz  

Mappenwerk / Portfolio – Erinnern / Remembering 1945 – 1995

A great collection of  prints by renowned artists, published by Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, 1995. All prints are signed and numbered 4/35. Available at The OMC Gallery. Find here all relevant information. Interested in buying? Please contact: mail@omc-llc.com Thank you, Rolf Goellnitz

Felix de Quesada – Three New Paintings

If you love paintings, which create space, you can dive in and get lost, paintings, which leave you room for imagination and meditation, paintings that explore the phenomena of light… then check out the work of Felix de Quesada, whose latest results are now available at The OMC Gallery. Thank You, Rolf Goellnitz

Felix De Quesada – New Paintings

Check out new paintings by Felix De Quesada, available now at The OMC Gallery. By appointment only! Please contact mail@omc-llc.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz

Quite an Eye Opener

Last weekend I saw this exhibition at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles and I can highly recommend a visit: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power shines a bright light on the vital contribution of Black artists made over two revolutionary decades in American history, beginning in 1963 at the height of the civil rights movement. The exhibition examines the…

Felix De Quesada – New Paintings

Check out new paintings by Felix De Quesada, available now at The OMC Gallery. By appointment only! Please contact mail@omc-llc.com Best regards, Rolf Goellnitz


Porcelain Sculpture by Japanese Artist Takakazu Takeuchi. For details and price please contact mail@omc-llc.com Thank you for your interest!

New Images by Florian Beckers

Please check out the intriguing new work by contemporary photo artist Florian Beckers, Dusseldorf, Germany! Each image now available in a limited edition of 10 prints, only. For more details contact us at mail@omc-llc.com


Just visited an exhibition, titled “Blood & Soil”, presenting new works by internationally renowned Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson at the Over The Influence  Gallery, on 833 East 3rd Street. WOW – What a thought provoking and engaging exhibition that is!   A Must See! “A fearless artist, Peterson, in this new body of work intends to reconcile our violent history with present day violence…

Blue Heart – William K. Greiner

The image belongs to a series of photographs taken on south Louisiana graveyards by American photographer William K. Greiner *1957 and is published in the book “The Reposed” by Louisiana State Univ Pr; First Edition  (October 1, 1999). Rolf Goellnitz   Print is available for sale. Print size ~40x50cm (16×20″) Identification on the back side:


Vintage and More. International Modern Classic and Contemporary Photographs at The OMC Gallery. Check out this link and find out about a fine selection of Vintage and contemporary B/W photographs from private collections. Currently available exclusively at The OMC Gallery. Like to know specifics or a price of a print, just send us an email to mail@omc-llc.com Thank you for your interest. The OMC…

What is Art About

“Art is not about skill”  if you ask conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner, who played a key role in the early days of the movement in the 1960-s. Interviewed by Benjamin Buchloh for Phaidon‘s Lawrence Weiner monograph, he reveals his point of view(s). An excerpt of the interview I found on the artspace.com website. Hope you enjoy, as I did. Rolf Goellnitz

The Beat Generation is moving to the ZKM

”  The ZKM | Karlsruhe will be the second stage of the Beat Generation exhibition (Nov 26 – Apr 30, 2017) after the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In the last few years, the ZKM has dedicated a number of major exhibitions to the leading figures of the Beat Generation, such as William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg (above right with Peter Orlovsky, Paris, Saint…

Meaningless Art

Nothing to add, just click and check it out! Thank you!

Open Walls Gallery – Fabulous work

…checking out Berlin for an upcoming trip I found this site and can’t wait to explore it in real next month! Cheers to its owners! Rolf Goellnitz  

Claus Steffen Braun – The Cape Town Series

The OMC Gallery presents April 11 – May 1, 2016 Artwork by Claus-Steffen Braun. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Braun is living and working in Cape Town since March 2013. After a very successful career as Creative Director in the advertising business, and decorated with many international awards, he changed his path and is working now as a full-time visual artist. Braun uses his craftsmanship…

My Best Shot – Harold Chapman

Interviewed by “The Guardian” Harold Chapman had this to say about one of his most famous photographs.  

A New Chance Arising

Look at 2016 as a ‘New Chance’ for your ideas, dreams, wishes, projects, visions, how to live a fulfilled life. Wishing all of you only the best,   Rolf Goellnitz

New York – the Mecca of Contemporary Art

©Michael Burges – Reverse Glass Painting – No. 02 – 2014 I like to share this excerpt from the latest artprice.com annual report New York – the Mecca of Contemporary Art The United States has recovered its leader position on the global Contemporary art market, resuscitating the fierce competition with China. In total the United States generated $650 million from Contemporary art, nearly $90…

Reality Bit(e)s x 5

An Exhibition by Five Californian Artists In a society where the media is filled with news about mesmerizing amounts of money spent on ‘blue chip” artwork, like e.g. the latest Modigliani Coup (Reclining Nude for $175,000 000) we believe it’s important to nourish the base out of which only a few will eventually make it to the very top and yet the less known…

OX and other Essential Signs

JUL 8 – AUG 30, 2015 Abstract Photography and Painting by ROBERT STIVERS (USA) and ERNST WILLE (GER) Reception July 10,  6-9 PM Robert Stivers (1952) studied at the University of California, Irvine (1975), earned his MA at New York University (1980), and has exhibited internationally since the early 1990s. His work is in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, France), The Getty…


Join us for the opening of our next exhibition and meet Pau Quintanajornet during the reception on THURSDAY, MAY 7 from 7-10 PM. Live Music by NISSEFØRT  and Beverages. Print out this page for access! Pau doesn‘t paint pictures. Pau creates worlds – open invitations to a journey into the beauty of Latin American influences and into the spheres of an artist, who with…




When WW II ended 70 years ago, many dark “secrets’ surfaced and were eventually forgotten again. In his new project “The Box”, Austrian Designer and Photographer Gregor Sailer approaches one of them and shares the result in a remarkable documentary: TheBoxProject_GregorSailer_en

Join the Action – Face to Face – Travel to Planet Art

First Time ever exhibited in a US Art Gallery From FEB 13  to MAY 09, 2015 TRAVEL TO PLANET ART. A project  developed by GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHER HEINZ GUENTER MEBUSCH over two decades,1978-2000, showcasing more than 200 portraits of modern and contemporary artists. All these photographs are also signed by the portrayed artists. This makes it an even more precious and unique historic document. It…

Getting Ready – Travel to Planet “ARS”

Coming up soon  “Face to Face – Travel to Planet Art”  Original signed and numbered limited edition B/W Vintage Photographs By German Artist and Photographer HEINZ GÜNTER MEBUSCH, (1952-2001) This project was developed by Mebusch over two decades,1978-2000, and showcases more than 200 portraits of modern and contemporary artists. All these photographs are signed also by the portrayed artists. This makes it an even…