Pierre Alechinsky

Check out our current offer at The OMC Gallery: Résumé, a portfolio of 43 Lithographs in vibrant colors, plus Title sheet and Authenticity sheet, signed and numbered by Pierre Alechinsky.

Thank you for your interest.

Rolf Goellnitz

Felix de Quesada at The OMC Gallery

Born in Cuba, Felix De Quesada grew up between the Cuban countryside and the city of Camaguey. In 1964, he migrated to the United States. Having never attended art classes, he taught himself to paint. In 2004, after years of painting on his own, he joined Rassouli’s “Painting With Spirit” classes at the Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California. He changed from Oil to Acrylic, a medium he has continued to use ever since. In his opinion, a painting is a physical object in the universe, more narrowly in our world, and as such it is subject to all the principles of physics applicable to objects on Earth. Check here  his latest series of “paintings, made to represent space and the space through which light moves”.

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Rolf Goellnitz

The OMC Gallery Artprice Store – Now Online

The OMC Gallery has established an additional feature for your convenience and cooperates with artprice.com to share its artist portfolio and communicate artwork offers to the international art community. New work will be offered on a weekly base. Find new and upcoming artists as well as established names.

So check and share, please!

Rolf Goellnitz

Affordable Art – Vintage Lithographs by Modern Classic Masters

Visit us Sunday, August 23 , 10am – 4:00pm, for a unique Sale of Vintage Lithographs from the 20th Century.

Masters of the 20th Century

The OMC Gallery will be presenting only SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 10 – 4PM, during the Art & Flea Market at OLD WORLD VILLAGE
a Selection of Original Lithographs by Top Artists of the XX. Century, including (among others):

Rene Magritte, James Rosenquist (see above), Enrico BAJ, Serge Poliakoff, Man Ray, Wifredo Lam, Salvador Dali, Charles Lapicque,
Marc Chagall, Pierre Soulages, Marino Marini, Miro

All lithographs date from the 1960-s and 70-s and were selected, produced and authorized by the artists for the
prestigious Art publication XXe Siècle and manufactured by master print houses in France.

This is a great opportunity to see and buy affordable work of true stars of the Modern Classics.
There will be only one lithograph per artist available. This is a great opportunity to get some wonderful artwork for your home / office.


Rene Magritte - Original Lithograph - Les Bijoux indiscrets

Rene Magritte – Original Lithograph – Les Bijoux indiscrets



Enrico Baj - Original Lithograph 1974 for XXe Siècle

Enrico Baj – Original Lithograph 1974 for XXe Siècle

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