Claus Steffen Braun – The Cape Town Series

The OMC Gallery presents April 11 – May 1, 2016 Artwork by Claus-Steffen Braun.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany,
Braun is living and working in Cape Town since March 2013. After a very successful career as Creative Director in the advertising business, and decorated with many international awards, he changed his path and is working now as a full-time visual artist.

Braun uses his craftsmanship and distinct passion for storytelling to create drawings, which visualize contrasting and contradictory subjects found in the society around him. His highly detailed and competent graphic work reflects sensitively juxtaposed, closely observed scenes of life in Cape Town. These works are sometimes provocative, often poignant, a little intriguing and quite emotive and so often facilitate discussion. Each drawing tells it’s own tale.

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