Join us for the opening of our next exhibition and meet Pau Quintanajornet during the reception on THURSDAY, MAY 7 from 7-10 PM. Live Music by NISSEFØRT  and Beverages. Print out this page for access!Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.15.25 PM

Pau doesn‘t paint pictures. Pau creates worlds – open invitations to a journey into the beauty of Latin American influences and into the spheres of an artist, who with paper, wood, and ink playfully turns her world inside out. The cleavage between cultures loosens up. From the friction between her Chilean roots and her German home she draws her own symbolism of strong women, who grow out of the ground like plants rising to the sky. Birds also occupy a large space in Pau‘s World: symbols for wisdom and peace, spreading their wings and being free spirits, coping with highs and lows. Pau is a collector.
Her atelier is home to countless keepsakes, ranging from plane tickets and stones to drawings and paintings from artist friends. Everything has its place in this world that tells the story of encounters through pieces of a mosaic. This place is her walk-in memory bank. All these little things eventually turn into her art. Pau‘s paintings are an expression of her inner world. She paints what she lives and feels.

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