Getting Ready – Travel to Planet “ARS”

Coming up soon  “Face to Face – Travel to Planet Art” 

Original signed and numbered limited edition B/W Vintage Photographs

By German Artist and Photographer

This project was developed by Mebusch over two decades,1978-2000, and showcases more than 200 portraits of modern and contemporary artists. All these photographs are signed also by the portrayed artists. This makes it an even more precious and unique historic document. It is a journey through Modern and Contemporary Art History, inspiring and motivating to learn and appreciate, what the famous and lesser renown creative minds are up to and have been up to.

The exhibition will include: Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter, Keith Haring, Richard Serra, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jiri Dokupil, Cesar Domela, Ulrich Erben, Dennis Hopper, Jörg Immendorf, Magdalena Jetelova, Martin Kippenberger, Jürgen Klauke, Imi Knoebel, Milan Kunc, Urs Luethi, Heinz Mack, André Masson, Willi Maywald, Rune Mields, Marcel Odenbach, Markus Oehlen, C.O. Paeffgen, A.R. Penck, Arnulf Rainer, Emil Schumacher, Guenther Uecker, Wolf Vostell, Zao Wou-Ki, Bernd Zimmer and many, many more.

Stay tuned,

Rolf Goellnitz


Impressions from installing the exhibition:







Chapeau for C.A.V.E and Ralph Ziman’s Ghosts at Photo L.A.

I love galleries, which show courage, because I know how hard and risky that is under commercial terms. And focusing on one artist while making on top also a political statement, needs even more courage. C.A.V.E. gallery from Venice Beach deserves your visit at Photo LA exactly for that. Intriguing presentation, dense, moving and relevant and contemporary.

What else did we like…well the fact that a lot of Dealers actually put prices up with the presented work – we thought, was very consumer friendly.

What did we miss? More galleries, which make a clear statement, theme or artist focused, rather than flooding you with a myriad of images from different artists of different quality. This would also help sharpen the profile of the event itself.

Check it out…to create your own opinion and share it!

Rolf Goellnitz

Checking out Photo LA Today

Visiting the 24th edition of an oldie, but often goodie in Los Angeles, the photo la 2015. Especially happy to meet Alan Griffiths again, photo enthusiast , owner of luminous-lint and one of the world’s biggest supporters/ communicators of and about photo history!!!

Check it out and enjoy your weekend!

Rolf Goellnitz



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